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Sep 5, 2009
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20lbs blackberries....15lb sugar....
After fermenting in plastic container a couple weeks I syphoned to glass carboy and its been 30 days......
I meant I put 3 cups of syrup mix to 1gallon of wine that was left over after I filled my carboy up...added my 1/4 tsp of sorbate to keep it from restarting and campdem tablet...set a day and started drinking't bad...still have my 5 gallon carboy that I haven't touched. Went back to the guy I got recipe from and he said he let's his set for about 9 mo. WOW...His recipe was pretty detailed until it said rack in glass carboy and that was the end of directions,,lol so I thought it was ready to bottle in 30 days like some recipes I've seen.
Yeah got excited when I seen this forum and didn't give near enough info. I'm new at this as if u couldn't tell and just way over anxious. What areyour opinions about how long to let it set? Thanks for the replys
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St Allie

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Mar 6, 2009
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hiya Snowbird and welcome to the forum,

It's ok.. some people let it set ( ie bulkstore a wine) for a year or more.. and some will bottle when they are sure it is clear and not dropping any more solids out of the wine.

If you do bulk store your wine.. you will need to add more sulphites on a 3 monthly basis. We have good information on the amount of sulphite required in our files.. have a look through, using the search function here.

Reds are often bulk stored and cellared for much longer than whites before drinking.

you are doing fine with what you have..

next batch of red.. just ask here and you'll get a lot of different replies regarding storage. You are the winemaker ultimately, so you decide what you will do with the wine you make.

Keep good records is the best way.. What works for you and what doesn't work for you, if you have kept records your wines will evolve.

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