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Sep 9, 2007
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A while back somebody told me about how he use to make some sort of alcohol he called it gin and the thing is... I now looked up how to make gin and it's a total different process. The way he told me how to do it is get a milk gallon jug and put 1 cup of rice...1 cup of sugar and a table spoon of yeast and fill it up with water and let it sit back in room temperature with a ballon on the top of it. When the balloon pops it's done. What kind of alcohol would I be making technically? I have done it before but I he told me to use orange juice instead of water. The problem with this is... the orange juice goes stale after a while of being room temperature. And it doesn't taste that nice but it gets the job done. Now I don't want to use orange juice cause it tastes so bad. But... I do want to use water cause thats what he suggested in the first place. But... the water never worked. Is it because it takes longer in water? Or maybe the yeast died from being over heated outside? Does it not work in water at all? I don't know I am new to all this stuff but I would really like to know those things.

1. What kind of alcohol is it? I don't think it's gin even though the guy said it was.
2. Will it work in water?
3. What is the perfect temperature for fermentation?

Thanks alot everybody for reading I am stupid with this stuff right now cause I am so new to it. I tried it before like 3 years ago. And now I am trying again. The water isn't working again. I don't know if it's because it's water or if I am doing something wrong. I have right now... Gallon of water...1 cup rice...1 cup sugar... and table spoon of yeast with a balloon at the top sitting in my closet. It's not really doing anything. The balloon is standing up just not filling up with air. Anyways thanks again