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Apr 23, 2010
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Hey guys, since this is my first kit I wanted to go cheap(RJ Spagnols Heritage Estates Sauvignon Blanc) to learn the ropes. I have done all the steps, Its been about 40 days instead of the 28 day the kit says.

So I bottled my wine today and decided to have a little taste with my wife. We both noticed a bit of 'tartiness' as she described it. Could this be from not degassing it enough? I know the wine still needs lots of time to age. I did fill a screw cap 200mL bottle with the wine. So i decided to shake it and It seemed to taste a bit better after a 1-2 minute shake and 30 minutes to settle down.

Am I just being anal about this? Also if I didn't degas enough, is there anything I could do?

What about those air pump sealers (or whatever they're called)? Could I pour the wine back into the carboy, then degas with the drill whip and rebottle it?
Or am I just better off leaving it and waiting to see if it improves and be more thorough next time?

Thanks for any advice


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Mar 16, 2009
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if its bottled and not degassed all the way, better to leave it as is.

instead, just decant the bottle into a caraf when you want to actually drink it. between that and then pouring into a glass, it'll kill any noticable CO2.

also, its a young wine, so the tartness might just be immature wine and not CO2 bite.

a drill whip is good, and works best in pretty short spurts. run it, let the foam go down, run it again for 15 seconds...keep repeating.
you also want the wine at 70F when degassing as cooler temps allow CO2 to stay in solution easier than 70F or slightly above.


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Apr 12, 2010
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When you did the shake test, did you get quite a bit of gas release? If so, rather than rebottling, you could leave your bottle upright for a while and give them the occasional shake. The pressure build up inside the bottle will slowly sneak past the corks if they are dry. Also keep in mind that most wines improve with age. And there is a thing called "bottle shock" that could be influencing the flavors of this very young wine.