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Aug 29, 2017
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I have multiple ways of getting my bottles. One way is to go to the local recycling center and pull out bottles that I want. I will pull out Champagne bottles and make sure they are the right ones. I carry a beer bottle cap and if it fits I keep the bottle. The European bottles have a larger opening so I don't bother with them. I could get another bell housing for my capper but I seem to be able to get enough of the smaller size. Friends also save Champagne bottles for me. Korbel bottles are the right size. Another way to get "wine" bottles is to drink beer that needs a bottle opener to open. For my larger bottles I have used old Heineken, Corona, and Modelo bottles. For my smaller bottles I have used the Aldi's version of Corona bottles, those are 12 ounce bottles. What is nice about using beer bottles is that they are easy to cap and they can handle carbonation. I also have a small collection of Mexican Fresca bottles that I will use eventually. They are 500ml bottles and are very sturdy. If you have not had Mexican Fresca it is not a diet drink, it is made with real cane sugar. I do like using some clear bottles so I can see and show off what the finished product looks like. I store the finished product in old boxes that I get from one of the local liquor stores so they only see light when I remove them from the box. I also have some of the old cardboard cases that return beer bottles use to come in. I have never used a regular wine bottle or a cork, only bottles that will take beer caps.

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