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Feb 2, 2009
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Pre-jacked? huh? I was given 10 gallons of frozen Bartlett pear juice from last year. I didn't know it was coming and I had NO room in the freezer. So overnight I upended each container over a primary. In the morning I had about 5 gallons of pear syrup in my buckets. Left in the original containers were large chunks of pretty clear ice (5 gallons). So I had all the goodies and little of the water. So it went into a single primary and off we went. It really didn't take that much sugar to get it up to my SG.
Fast forward four months. We had a couple here a couple of weeks ago and I offered her a glass of wine. I asked here what color she wanted and she said that it didn't matter as long as it was dry. Well I always back sweeten to some extent. So I didn't know what to give her until I thought about the Pear batch setting in a carboy. I knew that it was dry, clear and ready to stabilize and sweeten. So I pulled off a couple of glasses and found it delicious. The gal ranted and raved about it. And I could not believe that I liked it, being so dry.
So days latter I ran a glass full past the lips of my tasting guru and he emphatically told me " Don't you dare do anything to it.". So it went into bottles yesterday.
I am surprised that my taste has grown to like such a dry wine. I knew that my first wines were way too sweet. And all of my wines seem to be getting drier as I mature as a wine maker. Is this kind of normal? And am I going to find Mad Dog disgusting someday?


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Mar 5, 2010
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You can only hope. :)

Actually, from what i have heard that is the way it goes, as you mature as a wine drinker your tastes run toward the dry side.

i, myself, can find things i like in both sweet and dry wines. guess it's just dependent on what mood i am in, or what mood i am trying to get in. LOL.


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Jul 17, 2010
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Generally, I like my reds dry and my whites and fruits sweet with some exceptions (Gewurtztraminer). When I first started getting into wine, I didn't like anything dry or any reds at all for that matter. My tastes have definitely changed with time.

Mad dog is disgusting, but necessary. The last two superbowls the steelers won I found myself drinking it during the games. Its an unfortunate tradition but atleast it only happens when they make it that far!
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