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Nov 5, 2006
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Raleigh, NC, USA
I originally designed my labels to be cost effective to print on an inkjet. I tried a colored background and burned through $75 in ink for 4 cases of wine before I realized what I did. Later I tried colored paper, but went back to plain white.

The inkjet is no longer used -- a color laser printer produces amazingly crisp labels.

Avery Design & Print is used for design. The desktop program is no longer available, Avery only supports the online version. [I have the last desktop version, if anyone is interested.] I print to PDF, which can be taken to a print shop (like Staples) for printing. Staples will use your media, if you want.

My Epson inkjet came with a hundred or so fonts, so I experiment. All labels look a bit different, due to font differences and the inclusion of graphics and photos.

The Exotic Fruit-White Zin is printed on heavier plain paper, put on with a glue stick. Soak the label, let it set 5 minutes, and it peels off with very little residue.

The Merlot and Pinot Noir are printed on Avery Presta 94215 media. It goes on with no fuss. The material doesn't run, and it peels off VERY easily, no soaking required. I got a good price, buying 100 sheets at a time.

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