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Aug 8, 2012
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Northern Arizona
WalkoutOffice.jpg paper stretcher.jpg ClubDrawing.jpg I finished cleaning up the 12’ x 12’ entry area of the walkout basement (my new office and art studio) a couple of weeks ago and moved my stuff in. It's a bit sparse right now but I'm sure it'll be completely cluttered up in no time. I used to paint with watercolors about 25 years ago and it’s been on my list of hobbies to pick back up along with golf and woodworking. I’ve been stocking up some basic art supplies over the last couple of weeks and even made my own paper stretcher after remembering that just taping water soaked paper to a board was never that efficient. After a trip to the driving range monday I took a photo of some of my clubs for a first attempt at a painting yesterday. While it’s pretty raggedy and simple I was pleased overall considering 25 years of rust need to be scrubbed off and my skills re-polished.

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