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Mar 18, 2012
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DC Suburbs
My reward after mowing the lawn tonight. Red Mountain Can and a Gurkha Hudson Bay cigar on the deck. The glass is overfilled, but it was left over from last night, when my wife had a glass of it.

The Red Mountain could use some more age on it, it is about 2 now. But all in all not bad. Great noise and his of cherries and chocolate.

The old Cellar Craft Showcase, or something else? I'm down to 1 or 2 bottles of that kit - damn, it was good!
Aug 5, 2011
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O'Fallon, MO - Just NorthWest of St. Louis, MO
The old Cellar Craft Showcase, or something else? I'm down to 1 or 2 bottles of that kit - damn, it was good!

Yep, the old Cellar Craft. I made it and kept quiet about it. For some reason, I had mixed results with it. Some bottles are great, some not so much. No rhyme or reason for it.


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Sep 19, 2013
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near Milwaukee
This is not apropos of anything, but just came across this striking image.

Bison skulls, 1870.
Feb 9, 2010
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My reward after mowing the lawn tonight.

AHHHHHH! Nothing makes you enjoy life better than a well earned reward!!!

My best Saturdays go like this..

Wake up early,
Have some coffee,
Create list of chores (SWMBO is always ready to help on this)
Speed through the chores,
Plan dinner for Saturday and Sunday nights.

go to grocery store and stock up for the week.

Clean the deck. Nothing more relaxing than having a deck that is tidy and clean. (I guess that my mind can not relax when I look at a mess. A mess represents something that needs to be done. How can anybody relax knowing that something needs to be cleaned? - does this sound like I need help?).

Now that everything is done, ease on back and..

Throw on some music.

Hand wash and dry a clean wine glass. There is something to be said about a insanely clean glass.

Select wine. usually one of my reds that is at least 4 year old. On the other hand, if it is nice and warm, and it is deck time, one of my Rieslings will do for a start (although I need to stick the Riesling in the freezer for about 15 minutes to get a nice chill on it. Nice to brag about how the wine selection process can take up to 30 minutes.

Set out a platter of fruit/salami/cheese.

Call the wife out to the deck and relax. Slowly sip through a bottle with her. Enjoy the sunlight as it shines through the wine. Savor the smell of it, the coolness as it first washes over my tongue to be followed by that gift of flavor when everything went right in the winery. Got lots of time, and am in no hurry. Just sip slowly and truly take the time to enjoy it. Times like this reminds me that all of that hard work is well worth it.

After an hour, select another bottle and start cooking dinner. Some wine for the food, and some wine for the cook.

Eat dinner and, when it gets dark, head inside for a deep sleep (the sleep of the content).

Before nodding off, offer a little prayer to the man upstairs for the gift of life.

.....Sorry for the rambling post. You just got me thinking. I have not done this yet this year. We have had either rain or it has been too cold. It is supposed to be raining again this weekend.
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Dec 4, 2015
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Looks like y'all need some goats or sheep! LOL - I love seeing foxes. Snapped this guy on the beach at Dauphin Island, AL, last year.

UNDER EDIT: I'm assuming that's a fox in benaway's pic. That was my first take on it, but on further review he has some bobcat-like looks to him, too, in that light.

the bob cat is hiding in the long grass gonna jump out and get you !

run over a stump, broke the spindle that holds the blade.

it is ordered, when it arrives, i get to install it, then mow the lawn

looking forward to it, NOT!!