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Sep 19, 2013
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near Milwaukee
He even misspelled Chile as Chili which goes to show how truly clueless he is.
Mike, I know you want to use your regionally accepted spelling of "chile" as a shibboleth, but you should know that the English-speaking world accepts a range of spellings. "Chili" and "chilli" are probably the most common in the language that I am writing in. Other languages may differ.

Here is an excerpt from the OED. (There is no comparable entry for "chile" in the OED.):

chilli | chilly, n.
Brit. /ˈtʃɪli/
U.S. /ˈtʃɪli/
Forms: 16 chille, 16–18 chile, 17 chilly, 18 chili, 16– chilli, plural chillies.
Frequency (in current use):
In Spanish chile, chili, < chilli, the name of the plant in a Central American Indian language in the 16th cent.
Simeon Dict. Langue Nahuatl, has ‘Chilli, piment dont on compte douze espèces principales; il sert à composer avec le maïs une boisson très-recherchée chilli atolli, chillatolli’. So ‘chilatl eau de chilli’, etc. As early as 1631, Bontius erroneously stated that the name was from Chile in S. America ‘quasi dicas piper a Chile’.
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chilli | chilly, n.


a. The dried pod of species of Capsicum or Red Pepper, esp. C. annuum fastigiatum and frutescens. The pods, which are acrid, pungent, and of a deep red colour when ripe, are largely used as a condiment, and when reduced to powder form the basis of Cayenne pepper.

1662 H. Stubbe Indian Nectar ii. 10 Some Pepper called Chille..was put in.
1678 J. Worlidge Vinetum Britannicum (ed. 2) 179 Two Cods, or Pods, of Chile.
1678 J. Worlidge Vinetum Britannicum (ed. 2) 178 The long red Pepper called Chile.
1685 J. Chamberlayne tr. A. Colmenero de Ladesma Treat. Chocolate in P. S. Dufour Manner of making Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate 89 Some hold there are but two sorts of Chiles or Chilli, the one the Eastern which is Ginger, and the other Western, which is the Pepper of Mexico.
1847 Thackeray Vanity Fair (1848) iii. 20 ‘Try a chili with it, Miss Sharp,’ said Joseph, really interested. ‘A chili,’ said Rebecca, gasping. ‘Oh yes!’ She thought a chili was something cool, as its name imported.
1870 J. Yeats Nat. Hist. Commerce 149 In tropical countries chillies are used in great quantities.
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b. The shrub which bears chillies.

1843 W. H. Prescott Hist. Conquest Mexico II. iii. vi. 11 Fields of towering maize, the juicy aloe, the chilli or Aztec pepper.
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2. (In form chili.) An oppressive hot southerly wind which blows in Tunisia.

1927 W. G. Kendrew Climates of Continents (ed. 2) v. 28 Strong southerly winds are specially hot and unpleasant, and they are distinguished everywhere by local names such as sirocco, chili, khamsin.
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chili pepper n. (a) = pepper tree n. 1(a); (b) erron. = chilli n.

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chilli con carne n. (also chile con carne, chili con carne) orig. U.S. a stew of Mexican origin containing minced beef flavoured with chillies (in quot. 1907 contextually shortened to chile con as a nonce-use.).

1857 S. Compton Smith (title) Chile con carne, or the camp and the field.
1895 Outing 26 28/2 I went to a little Mexican restaurant..and, sitting there eating my frijoles and chile con carne [etc.].
1907 S. E. White Arizona Nights (U.K. ed.) i. xvi. 219 On top of a few incidental pounds of chile con, baked beans, soda biscuits, ‘air tights’, and other delicacies.
1927 Weekly Dispatch 4 Apr. 4/6 Excellent Mexican meal of tamalis, chili-concarne etc.
1960 Harper's Bazaar Oct. 98/2 Chili con carne, Mexican beef with hot chili sauce served with red beans and rice.
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chilli sauce n. (usually chili sauce) chiefly U.S. a sauce made with tomatoes, peppers, and spices.

1846 A. M. Gilliam Trav. Mexico xi. 176 I could eat no more,..leaving my friend in full possession and enjoyment of his chili sauce.
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chilli-vinegar n. vinegar flavoured with chillies.

1818 Byron Beppo viii Soy, Chili-vinegar, and Harvey.
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chiles rellenos n. [Mexican Spanish: relleno = filled, stuffed] orig. U.S. (plural) Mexican stuffed green peppers, esp. fried in batter; also in singular; cf. relleno n.

1929 P. Kleemann Ramona's Spanish-Mexican Cookery 96 Stuffed Peppers a la Mexicana (Chiles Rellenos) No. 1. 6 large long chile peppers. 1 lb. diced white cream cheese.
1979 Tucson (Arizona) Mag. June 67/1 Papagayo Restaurant... Chef's specialty is the chile relleno, but every item tested was superior.
1984 L. Deighton Mexico Set v. 68 He stopped at a stall to watch a man making chiles rellenos, putting meat fillings into large peppers.
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Draft additions 1997

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chilli powder n. (usually chili powder) a spice made from dried powdered red chillies.

1898 Thomas' Amer. Grocery Trades' Ref. Bk. 1899 218 San Antonio... Gebhart Chili Powder Co[mpany].
1981 B. Cleary Ramona Quimby v. 98 The girls studied the spice shelf, unscrewed jar lids and sniffed. Nutmeg? No. Cloves? Terrible. Cinnamon. Uh-uh. Chili powder? Well...
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orig. U.S. = chilli con carne n. at Compounds.

1886 San Antonio (Texas) Daily Express 30 July 5/1 [He] got into a row with the keeper of a chili stand and was arrested.
1927 C. Beals Brimstone & Chili 112 We spent out twenty centavos for several tacos, with chili, and coffee.
1968 N. Benchley Welcome to Xanadu viii. 180 He..ordered a bowl of chili and enchiladas.
1987 R. Sarah in R. Sullivan More Stories by Canad. Women 140 There's a vegetarian chili, it uses bulgur instead of meat.
2005 Times (Nexis) 30 July (Knowledge section) 39 Spicy Mexican three-bean chilli.
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Draft additions June 2007

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chilli dog n. North American a hot dog topped with a serving of chilli con carne.

1948 Arizona Daily Sun 9 June 3 (advt.) Cecil's Snack Shack. Thick milk shakes and malts. Hot dogs, chili dogs.
2002 A. Proulx That Old Ace in Hole (2003) iii. 23 He stopped for gas.., got a dripping chile dog to eat.
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Draft additions March 2016

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chilli crab n. Singapore English a dish originating in Singapore but also popular in Malaysia, consisting of crab cooked in a sweet and spicy gravy containing red chillies and tomato.

1963 Straits Times (Singapore) 4 Oct. 17/6 Oriental Bar & Restaurant... Lunch/Dinner. Specialise in Chilli Crab.
1977 Northwest Arkansas Times 6 Mar. 1 d/3 Eating is the most important social contact for Malaysians so the food is fantastic. Chili crabs, sambal..popish..sweet and sour shrimp satay.
1994 R. Gunesekera Reef (1998) 177 And then a sort of floating restaurant at one end. You could have produced your finest chilli crab there, you know, and the best stuffed sea-cucumbers.
2007 N.Y. Times (National ed.) 9 Dec. v. 7/1 Singapore itself has become a major foodie attraction... It's not just spotless street stalls serving fish head curries and chili crab.
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