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Jan 12, 2012
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This reminds me of the last time I went deer hunting, a bit over 2 years ago. I killed the deer right on the spot.

Unfortunately, I was driving a Toyota Sienna at 75 MPH on I-85 north of Charlotte NC at the time. I managed to kill the Sienna as well, although my wife and I were very fortunately unharmed, just shaken and stirred. The deer jumped a cement median and kept going, I had a car in my right blind spot, and there was nothing to do except brace for impact. My wife heard me say, "oh, no," and looked over just in time to see the deer hit the front quarter panel. It appeared to look me right in the eyes from about 1.5' away.

It's not an experience I can recommend.
I had a hunter on the place for the first time ever this year. A week after he started hunting, I had to stand on my brakes one late evening for a nice doe who was standing in middle of the road to my place, gazing at my car. She continued to stand and look at me as I screeched to a halt, maybe six feet from her. Then she tossed her head like she was doing a Marilyn Monroe impersonation and walked off. The nerve! But wait, I started out saying I had a hunter on my place for the first time in 32 years. I saw a dozen does and an 8-point buck around, every day he wasn't there. The buck got up so close to the house sometimes, he was almost in the backyard. And as I just said, I almost got to kill a Marilyn Monroe impersonator myself by vehicular homicide. He bagged none.

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