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Sep 1, 2016
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Ok, Here I go. After pressing our red grapes last fall I tried to make Piquette, or sugar wine. I happen to have 3 carboys of this stuff . I checked the PH which was a little low, 2.7, then added some potassium carbonate to raise PH-lower acid. Now we have some cold weather here in the NW and I've had this outside for pretty much the whole week. Temps got down to the low to mid 20's, but the daytime temps seem to be in the high 30's. Snow tonight though with some warming after then maybe some more snow next week. I've added some creme of tarter 2 days ago to speed the cold stabilization along. Seems like some of it is on the bottom of the carboys. I did stir it but since this is an experiment I am just watching. Should I stir more, like everyday? I plan on leaving it outside through January. I also have some a couple white wines out there also although they are from a good press of grapes. Any thoughts?

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