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Jun 29, 2013
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Piquant Apple... That's what I'm calling it...

My fourth (or is it now my fifth?) batch of apple wine from apple cider came out with a strong unpleasant tartness that wasn't in my previous batches - discovered after bottling with a taste test of some overage.What went wrong? Well, as I thought about it remembered that I had run out of acid blend and with this batch substituted with lemon juice. Failed! [Think now I also forgot to add my usual 2 cans of apple juice concentrate when I first back sweetened.]

What do I do to rescue this I thought to myself. Added almost a teaspoon of sugar to a single glass of wine and had my wife give it a taste try. She said it now tasted better. Likewise for myself. So 4 cans of frozen apple juice concentrate was added to the 6 gallon batch and re-bottled. What I have now is, to me, an interesting tarty tasting apple wine. I was going to simply call the wine tarty or zesty or sour apple but my wife suggested a use a French or German word for tartness... thus... Piquant Apple was born!

I'm sure most of you guys have been able to rescue a batch of wine that you first thought was destined for the sink drain. Tell me about it.

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