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Sep 18, 2016
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So I was give about 40lbs of pears that were organic no pestisides. The problem is that not all of them ripend at the same time so I ran them through a juicer as they ripend and froze the juice but no sooner than I juicer them the juice oxidized and turned brown. So I got them thawed out here is the ingredients I added 4 gallons of juice it is pretty pulpy almost like a thin apple sauce 1/2 gallon of water heated and mixed with 10lbs of sugar 4 tsp pectic enzyme 3 tsp tannin 2 tsp acid blend 5 campden tabs 5 tsp yeast nutrient Will pitch ec1118 tomorrow. Does anyone think the oxidized juice will impart flavor on the wine? I made some apple like this a while back and turned out fine


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Jan 3, 2012
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It should be fine. Next time you freeze fruit or the juice, it's a good idea to add a small amount of meta to each bag to prevent browning.

By the way, you should never add pectic enzyme TOGETHER with tannin and meta. You should dose the must with meta and wait at least 6 hrs before adding the pectic enzyme. THEN adjust the brix and acid content and pitch the yeast. When the yeast takes off, add first dose of nutrient. After the pectic enzyme has broken down the fruit or the mash VERY well, then you can add tannin. Which means around the time of the first punchdown of the cap or bagged fruit. Tannin will inactivates enzymes----meta inactivates pectic enzyme. Timing of these additions is important. You shouldn't just toss it ALL in, in one fell swoop.

Adding nutrient before your yeast gets going will favor having any strong native yeasts to begin growing. You want your yeast to dominate the must, which then puts any native yeast way behind in being able to dominate.

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