PBW is the best thing to happen to wine since.... Grapes!

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Jan 19, 2022
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Central Alberta
I got a bunch of jugs from my neighbor after his yard sale failed to move them out.

He was worried about how clean they were and gave them to me with a little solution in them. They were sitting for weeks and I dumped out clean 'water' from all of them. One actually had significant dried out and caked on wine in it. Whatever he used (dish soap?) didn't touch it. A little PBW and 5 minutes later it just started peeling off. No scrubbing.

I intend to give them all a good wash before use, but for a first round let it sit cleaning. PBW is the winner!

I bought 2 jugs before the yard sale, and was given the remaining 8. All mine (were) full. I think I have 8 gallon batches on the go. I will be good for a bit, now. But... BUT! The cool thing is these (10) are all 160 oz Imperial gallon jugs (5 litre). I just transferred US gallon batch into one not realizing, and obviously it was short.

Now, I'm thinking these will be perfect for transferring from primary to secondary and then I can rack to a US gallon with extras instead of losses. I'll just have to increase my batch ingredients a smidge. It might just make for a very convenient system for gallon batches.

Some collectors may take offense, but my wine has no time for sentimental memories... These are getting used!
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Feb 5, 2020
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PBW is great stuff for more than wine vessels. Not cheap but nothing is cheap and it works great. Try it on anything stained with coffee or tea. My only difficulty is using it to get the krausen ring off a carboy. Rather than fill the carboy to the residue ring or the top, I lay the carboy on the side and turn it ever 20 minutes or so to get all the caked on residue.

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