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Oct 31, 2017
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Hi every one

I have fermented 130Kg of Organic Shiraz grape (21 brix) with 30% clusters and it is in the 8th day of fermentation.

I have no imagine how good my wine is.
I can not also compare it to famous wines by taste because I have no access to famous wines
(Alcoholic drink is illegal in my country)

What I want to do is to give a sample of my wine to a laboratory to test some parameters
so I can improve it better for the next year.

The parameters I have in my mind is:
Final PH
H2s level
residual sugar

Is this a good Idea or it is nonsense? If yes, can you tell some other parameters to test
to see how much this wine is good!

of course I know usually wine is judged by its taste, but there should be some scientific
parameters to give me a primary imagination of my wine.

Thanks in advance


owner, winemaker
Jun 13, 2017
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I would suggest you acquire minimal equipment for a small laboratory, if you don't already have some. This way you can measure important parameters yourself. My basic lab equipment includes a hydrometer, refractometer, burette, digital scale, pH meter, magnetic spin-bar, ebulliometer, a variety of beakers and various chemicals. It ran about $800, excluding the ebulliometer. My point is that you don't need an extensive set of equipment for a basic lab.

I would monitor your pH and acid (TA). You can infer the residual sugar but it is difficult to measure accurately (no the clinitest procedure does not work well). The other parameters you list are going to be small. H2S you can smell. Methanol won't be formed in important quantities during a good fermentation.

Don't get lost in the weeds with the analytical side of wine making. It is all about how it tastes. Keep good notes; keep things sanitary; keep oxygen away from the wine. That will make you good quality wine. The most sensitive instrument you have is your own tongue.