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Oct 23, 2014
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very N.E. Arkansas in the instep of MO, BOOTHILL,,
ok i do live fairly deep into the Ozarks, closet town with traffic lights is 20 mile away, closet mall 45 miles one way, I've been in 46 of lower 48, 3 provinces of Canada, some times thru check points an many time's in secret, same deal for Mexico. i did years of construction (hence my bad language). the honest folk, children, old an young has never had any reason to fear me, i know some of my jokes are either at bad timing or are taken offence of humor.. of which is not meant to be taken that way, i feel as if i have found my family in yawl, i feel so blessed by the lord almighty. All of those that anyone i offend please P.M. me a note i will do all in my ower to fix it. i do tend to be blunt. but i prefer to know where i stand with yawl folk because unbeknowed to me, i have become needy of yall. i need nothing, i am self-sufficient to, yawl, un till i had thought about yawel very long and very, very hard, only to learn i am much less a man with out yawl, MAY GOD BLESS YOU ONE AND ALL MY FREELY ADOPTED FAMILY.

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