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Aug 29, 2015
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Northwest Arkansas
If this violates board post policy I won't be offended if this is removed but...

I was looking for Reduless to get rid of my HS02 problem and ran across a site for a wine makers supply business that is closing.

The lady has sold her vineyard and the barn that housed her supply business is in the middle of the vineyards - so she's closing up shop.

She has limited supplies but is discounting (35%) what she has. I bought 3 oz of Reduless and a few other things. Might be a chance for folks to pick up a few things, double up some supplies etc. My first order just arrived today so shipping from NY to NW Arkansas USPS Priority was 3 days for $8.99

IF you are interested Here's the site address: http://www.fallbright.com/

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