Of the best wine tastings I could do!!!

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    Hello, I introduce myself,

    My name is Juan and I love everything related to the world of wine just like traveling. Every year if I can afford it, I travel with my family to different countries of the world to see the diversity of cultures and have the pleasure of discovering their gastronomy. At the beginning of this summer I went to barcelona and our travel company proposed the visit to some wineries where they make private wine tastings and pairings of high standing and to me that I am convinced with little we accept.

    Wonderful, you can only say that in Taca de vi I made a really satisfying wine tasting with some care professionals. You can not miss a single detail the food that accompanies these drinks is of the first quality.

    I was told that there are several wineries of this style in the city but this condal was in top 3 so it was no wonder of my positive thinking. I have it clear, if you give me the option to go back (even if it is a getaway with friends), I return in every possible way.

    I recommend it to all wine lovers and those who want to enjoy this splendid city.

    A greeting!!!

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