Not so Sweet Afterall

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Oct 24, 2016
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I bottled up a new batch of DB and last year's Concord from local grapes. Both were 3 gal batches fermented dry and back sweetened to taste. This was the 2nd round for me making DB so I pretty much went with the volume of simple syrup I ended up using the last time. We did some bench tests on the Concord.

Following others advice I took an SG reading on both batches at bottling. I was rather surprised to find that after back sweetening they still came in under 1.000. The Concord was .998 and the DB was just a bit lower.

I guess I'm not as sweet as I thought I was. However, I am sure that the perceived sweetness will increase over time. I also added about a teaspoon of glycerin to the DB and I like what it did for the mouthfeel.

BTW . . . I took the liberty of renaming the DB to something a bit more charming.

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