NOT new to wine making using Demi John etc BUT

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Aug 25, 2021
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Where im going to live Philippines (when I can travel there LOL) they dont have the 'traditional' kits like I ws used to when i was a teenager making my own homemade wine, using demi johns, airlocks, syphon tubes etc etc
They dont sell any of that in Philippines only alcohol distillers (see pic if I ca upload it)
Ive never used one of these for making wine (I'm a red wine drinker)
Ive you tubed, and googled but cant seem to find any links on how to use the distillers for making wine.
I know how to use the fruits, as I started at the early age of 14 making homemade wine with my Uncle help (and the back hander from my father for staining all mums pots boiling beetroot....LOL)
Any help would be appreciated folks

thank you


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Jim Welch

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Feb 25, 2019
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Can you get say a 10 gallon food grade bucket and a 5 gallon PET water bottle there? You could do the primary ferment in the pot portion of that still it would seem but unless you’re going to drink your red wine very green you’ll need a secondary fermenter to age it in. You can definitely ferment in stainless steel but it is generally very expensive relative to food grade plastics.


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Dec 27, 2011
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Saratoga Springs
Not sure that there is value in using distillation equipment to ferment fruit. Sure you COULD use the kettle as your primary but it looks like the lid has been rigged for distillation. You will still need a carboy for your secondary. Hard to believe that no one in the Philippines makes their own beer or wine. But even so, food grade tubing is tubing and food grade containers are food grade containers. An airlock can be made from a balloon or a condom or you can drill a hole in a cap , insert a tube into the cap and seal the cap and tube with food grade silicone while inserting the other end of the tube into a jar filled with water As long as the tube in the jar is below the water air cannot enter but CO2 can bubble out. That's what brewers call a blow off tube