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May 9, 2020
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Hi all, a newbie here. I started a 6 gal carboy of sav blanc Chilean juice on May 6 with EC-1118 in my basement at out 60 degrees F. Initial fermentation seemed healthy (from my beer brewing perspective). It slowed down but there was activity in the air lock I'm guessing for 2-3 week (?). Covid hit and I was distracted and I didn't get smart on managing the fermentation. I never stirred it. June 8, today, there was a small ring of foam at the the top of the carboy and the wine was very cloudy, opaque. It is 1.001 gravity. I racked it off of the yeast into another carboy. I'm not sure what to do now, and whether I've gotten myself into any trouble...

Is 1.001 low enough to consider the AF done? If not, should I restart the fermentation with another packet of EC-1118? Something else?
Should it be cloudy at this stage?
I started reading the MoreWine guide on making white wine after the fact and see how I haven't been attentive...
In general, do most people do a MLF with a sav blanc?

Advice on next steps?


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Jan 1, 2007
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no mlf required. let wine sit for about three days rack again off of lees add k-meta. wait three weeks rack again . let wine clear on it own or add fining agents

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