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Jul 16, 2017
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Good morning. I'm very new to this art of wine making. I began this journey by some people that have their vineyards established suggesting on experimenting with wines. We are in the eastern section of Texas which means to us we have to grow hybrid grapes . Of course those selling vines say it's ok to try the traditional. Most of the vineyards here grow a hybrid called "Favorite" a hybrid of Black Spanish grape. So far we like red wines and when the time comes will probably stick to the hybrid "Favorite"when establishing a vineyard. My husband and I are making some wine from kits. We have made Spiced Merlot. To me this doesn't really taste like a wine but a Kool Aid of sorts. The second one we are doing at this time is Diablo Rojo. In September we have ordered the Raspberry Chocolate Wine. I want to get our toes wet with some wine that has grape skins to the kit ... Could anyone advise on which red grape that would be "easy" but at least have some Missouri Mule kick...and not Kool Aid?
Thanks so much .


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Jul 7, 2009
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Northern Nuevo Mexico
Welcome aboard. If you like red wine then purchase the biggest kit you can afford. And by "big" I mean 16L or 18L of juice is better than a smaller 10L Kit. The more water they remove the less it will taste like a commercial wine and more like something you made. After that go with a kit that has a grape pack or dried grape skins on top as they will again make a wine that taste (even) more like a commercial bottle. Don't be afraid. You can do it. We can help as they say! One of the best mail order stores is in TX. "Fine Vine Wines" in DFW. They carry all the major brands and since you are close, you could drive and save in shipping as well.


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Nov 1, 2016
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Welcome to the Forum. I'm also from Texas SE of Houston. The Black Spanish grape "Lenoir" makes a wonderful port. You could also grow a Blanc Du Bois (another hybrid but white), and i think they are working towards another one that vineyards are starting to experiment with.

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