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Aug 1, 2010
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Hi all, I just started my first two gallons of wine today using Welch's 100% Concord concentrate cans for one and Welch's 100% white grape and raspberry cans in the other.
I never thought about making wine until I was at a friends a few weeks ago and had the fortune of drinking some excellent homemade elderberry wine.
I got my welch's recipes from googling jack keller's site.
I got my supplies (gallon jugs, syphon hose, hydrometer, sanitizer, nutrient, acid blend, yeast, etc) at a store in a nearby city last friday after doing some initial research on this. I mixed the ingredients for the wine this evening and plan to add the yeast in the morning.

My questions are this: I have lalvin K1-V1116 yeast packs and also some Red Star pasteur Champagne yeast. I am assuming I can use the lalvin for both wines? But I assume I need to not use the Red star champ for now? The recipes I used said use wine yeast for the concord and Sauterne yeast for the white grape and raspberry. It also has instructions for racking the w.g. and rasp. several times and the concord looks like it will be ready in about 35 days?? So I guess I was mainly wondering why it has the w.g. and rasp taking longer for one and also if I am going to mess up if I put the lalvin yeast in the w.g. and ras?
Thanks in advance y'all.

Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Either one will do fine with what you are making. No wine is ready in 35 days! I always rack every wine a few times but I also age my wine in carboys many months. Most wines will drop fine sediemnt even after using a fining agnet so please dont be in a hurry to bottle or youll get a dusting in the bottle.
Aug 22, 2009
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i'd use the lalvin with the concord. did you check the pH of the concord?? lalvin 1116 and 1118 are hardy yeasts. some wines are harder to start, concord, blueberry and cranberry come to mind. those yeasts just don't quit, but are not always the best for all wines. you can search online for descriptions of what works well with what kinds of wines and plan accordingly. i always have some 1116, 1118, D47, cotes de blancs and champaign yeasts on hand. i do make a bit of wine :)


Arctic Contributor
Oct 26, 2008
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I have many wines from frozen concentrates.

As long as it is 100% juice and a quality juice, it will work fine, All oher aspects of wine making apply!

You will see some in here who buy 5 gallons of various juices. They freeze them until ready for use.

In fact al fruit used for wine should be froze firt, thawed and then prepared for wine.

Iam partial to, ( as far as frozen concentrates) go. I like the Hawaiis Own, Dole, and the Old Orchard brands.

Today, I was at my favorite store, they had the Hawaiis Own brand on sale. 4 for $5.

You want to use 3 per gallon. So, for one gallon, I have $3.75/gallon in juice. Gonna make 4 1/2 gallons. Thats like $15 for juice, $5 for sugar, and the "additives".

I am going to make 20 bottles of wine for 20 dollars. Do the math.



Yeah buddy!

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