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Jim Welch

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Feb 25, 2019
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Here is an interesting question: A fair number of folks on the east coast USA get South African and South American grapes in the spring (from the northern hemisphere POV). Does anyone south of the equator import northern hemisphere grapes?
I wouldn't doubt there is some USA grape trade in that direction but more than likely no where near the level being imported.
The Chilean growers have been sending shiploads of their fruit, mostly but not all grapes, to N America for a long time now. I work at a port on the Delaware river and saw my first Chilean grape ship in January 1978! Their import logistic chain is robust to say the least so I imagine it is much cheaper and easier to piggyback their wine grapes onto a shipment of table grapes and other fruits than for a USA exporter to ship south.


Nov 15, 2007
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Depends upon how much body you want. I can see where a lighter wine would work well while sitting outside in the summer. I'm also sure that some just enjoy a lighter wine. Myself, I think a Tavola with no skins pack is too light, but YMMV. I probably won't be trying them, but it's good to see FWK expanding their potential customer base by adding product that has obviously been requested.
cheaper kits can be infused just like any other kit.

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