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Montpelier Vineyards
Feb 2, 2014
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Montpelier, VT
I really hope this doesn't come off the wrong way. I just want to reiterate this is not a profit center for me. I might make $10 - $15 a barrel. It takes me about 30 minutes to prep it for shipping and in the past I have gotten stuck with additional shipping charges, people reneging and one person that didn't pay. I appreciate everyone that offered to pay in advance and I'll probably ask for that this year. I also take the barrel to UPS to save the pick up fee.

All I'm asking is for you to pay for the shipping directly. I am not a regular shipper and I don't get any special rates. Below are the barrel specs needed for creating the label. I've given these to a few people and somehow the rate was substantially different from what I got. My address is 14740 Flint Lee Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151 although as I said I drop off the barrels to a local distribution center. Fed ex is too far for me to go.

Logon to>global, it should come up UPS Ground Shipping, hit that, a screen Create a Shipment should come up. Enter my address, if they ask you for a suite use unit E, you can use your email and phone but if you like PM me and I'll give you mine, hit continue and enter your information, it will ask you if it's residential or commercial, respond and hit continue, select My Packaging and use the specs below, it will ask you to select drop off or schedule a pick up, select drop off, the rate will appear. Also there is a box for crated or uncrated and this is where I got stuck in the past. There is no rhyme or reason that I can tell but I always select crated and at times get charged for the extra uncrated price. The barrels are wrapped in shrink wrap with cardboard on the heads of the 40 liter and up barrels so they are technically not crated. Once you get the label you just email it to me.

25 liter 15x15x16 wt 24lbs
30 liter 16x16c17 wt 26lbs
40 liter 18x18x19 wt 32lbs
50 liter 20x20x21 wt 41lbs

To give you some examples of what I get using uncrated 50l to Vermont $72, 40 to Oregon $114, 30 to Oregon $92, 50 to Pittsburg $52, 40 to Pittsburgh $48.
Crates is $14-$18 less but that's the risk I won't take. Also the specs were consistent the past 2 years but they are nominal.

If you get some outrageous numbers PM me and I will walk you through it. Also prices change so it would be best to until the barrels arrive and ready to ship.
Hi Fred,
What is your Email address so that I can send you the label?