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Sep 2, 2020
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I'm really enjoying my journey here!

I'm almost done with the sauv blanc I made. Not a masterpiece, but highly drinkable.

My pinot noir Ive had aging since mid september... stole a glass with the theif today. Nose is too ascerbic and the finish is bland. Hoping more aging helps that.

Two zins about a month into aging. No sense sampling now.

And I did a modified skeeter pee using cranberry, lime, and blood orange. Almost 2 weeks in and not ready yet. The sample I took to test SG was kind of tasty. We'll see when it finishes...

I'm almost out of my stash, though. While I could use more 1 gallon carboys, and buy more carlo rossi, I'm liking what I make a little better. Maybe it's only because I made it. I guess I could support the employees of Rossi and net myself some more carboys in the process...

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