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Grape Papi

Jul 21, 2021
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Hi my name is Michael and I'm new to growing grapes. I have concord grapes in year one cut from a tree from western Michigan. I'll post a picture of it. I currently have it growing in a bucket and don't want to currently plant it in the ground due to my living situation.

Since it was cut from another tree will the trunk grow at all? Or will the vines continue to grow currently from the soil and not the trunk? Any advice or predictions from how it looks will be needed. Best grapes I ever had were from the original tree and motivated me to get into gardening overall. Thank you!!



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Jan 29, 2014
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?original tree? grapes are said to produce higher quality fruit when they are on an older trunk. This is also said to happen with other crops as apples.
?will it grow? Cuttings are an old/ traditional way to propagate some crops as grapes and many household flowers. You have done a cutting by removing from the mother plant and planting in a pot. In the scheme of things you did what Northeast Vine Supply did before tissue culture. YES your plant has the capacity to grow, produce daughters and populate a vineyard.
?buckets? The story is that vinifera had been grown in greenhouse(s) to provide pollen for crossing with riparia wild grape to create plants that could tolerate the Midwest cold. One could grow in a pot for years, but the plant is likely to be stunted/ bonsai size at maturity. Growing in pots at best is a lot more work than in the ambient soil where water and nutrients exist.

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