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Okie Parrish

Sep 15, 2018
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So I'm making mead for the first time started out with a 3 gallons in primary starting SG was 1.120 everything seems to be going smoothly I let it ferment in primary bucket tell it got down to 1.030 and racked it into 3 1gal jugs for secondary I added 2lbs og BlackBerry's to 1 gallon, 2lb of strawberry to another, and left the 3rd expected the sugar from the fruit boosted fermentation question is how long to leave the fruit before rackicking to remove the fruit do you remove it when fermentation is finished, or should I leave it and let it age with the fruit, or does it need to be removed after a certain amount of time like I remember my strawberry wine last year I had to take it off the fruit after a week so the seeds wouldnt start breaking down20181124_162835.jpg

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