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    This season we crushed our Cabernet at @NorCal 's. I was taking home a 60-gallon barrel, a 30-gallon barrel and a 30-gallon tank. We used a "great" high velocity pump (5 gallons in 40 seconds!) to pump it from the bin where it was settling, up into the barrels which were already in our truck. @NorCal was kind enough to loan us his engine hoist so we could unload the barrels from the truck without having to pump them off the truck and then back into the barrels again. Plus, our use of the high velocity pump was limited and not available for the next phase. My little ShurFlo pump is rated at 3.3 GPM but it moves a little more than 1 gallon per minute. The engine hoist was a Godsend! A little nerve-racking, but we got it done!

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    After moving my full 6 (that's 6.0, not 60) gallon barrels around today, I feel like a totally wannabe. :D
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    Can't wait for the day I need an engine hoist to move my grapes and/or juice.
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