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May 4, 2010
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This is my favorite type of ice cream and I got to thinking today how would a mint chocolate wine be?

I haven't searched the recipes or the net yet and I will but has anyone heard of this flavor wine, or have seen or has a recipe for it.

St Allie

Tech Administrator
Mar 6, 2009
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I haven't seen it.. however there is no reason you couldn't have a go at designing a 1 gallon experiment PW..

you'd need a good quality chocolate base.. perhaps a hersheys chocolate sauce.. and a more neutral fruit base..perhaps banana? banana will add extra richness and body to the finish without the banana flavour?..

have a look at Wades choc port recipe and consider how you could adapt it?

I'm not giving you any more hints lol... and yes, I AM giving you homework....

have a go at a recipe and post it.. it'll be a good exercise in learning to make your own recipes.

we'll be here to help you tweak it.


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