Mead - Campden tablet addition

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    Stew Anderson

    Stew Anderson

    Stew Anderson


    Dec 11, 2018
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    Preparing my first batch of Mead.

    Started on 1 January 2019...wildflower honey / organic maple syrup base. The primary fermentation seems to have ceased. Noticed stratification in the one gallon carboy several days observing a clarification along with 15+ mm of sediment.

    Question: Should I let this set until it has completely settled out then syphon to another sanitized carboy along with 1- 600 mg Campden tablet as I do for my wine in the secondary. The process procedure stated that I should let this set for a least 2 months before I bottle it. (Air lock has been in place since the beginning of the primary fermentation.)

    Your comments are, as always, welcome.


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