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    I had to taste this when I racked it. It's so young but it was good! It was semi sweet, a bit thick or syrupy, very unique interesting flavor with a light taste of maple. Almost a mellow hard to describe light smokey flavor that finished with the light maple. I want to make a similar six gallon batch asap so I have some questions.

    1. Okay to consume young wine or let it age how long?
    2. Is there a way to figure the RS% by my notes? I question the last entry of 1.010 as I had written down 1.000 but that couldn't be right if I have RS...? You can taste the alcohol (similar to my other 12% wines) so I'm assuming it's in the 12-13% ABV range.
    3. How should I reduce the thickness, add a dry white? water? I'd like it to stay a pure maple product.

    Here's what I did:
    Used a quart and a pint of dark maple syrup, added enough water to get it to
    SG of 1.16 15+% Alcohol potential (will back sweeten with pure maple syrup if needed)
    Maple Syrup, Water, pectic enzyme, acid blend, yeast nutrient/energizer

    12/25/2017 SG 1.16
    12/26/2017 added yeast Lalvin EC-1118
    12/27/2017 no change in SG but had some foam... appears ferment is starting
    12/30/2017 taking it’s good old time fermenting
    SG 1.090
    1/1/2018 SG 1.070
    1/4/2018 SG 1.060
    1/7/2018 SG 1.040
    1/14/2018 SG 1.020
    1/19/2018 SG 1.010
    1/19/2018 Racked to 1 gallon jug.
    2/4/2018 Racked to another 1 gallon jug. Tasted, awesome!

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