Malolactic fermentation for elderberry wine?

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Feb 21, 2021
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Northern California
Every once and a while I will see a mention that the TA decreases with time. There are a few
variables to this as bitartrate crystals (tartaric acid) coming out of solution, or alcohols become esterified with any available acids (stop being acidic). Mostly this is looked at as beneficial giving a “smooth” flavor/ less risk of gunk in the last glass poured, ,,, and folks toss the tartaric.

Well, ,,, if you have bitartrate come out you can’t expect it to go back in solution unless you heat the wine (ex boil in a kettle) and then there is a risk that it falls out again with time. ,,,, If you feel you need the extra acid for mouth feel, you will be better off adding phosphoric or citric or lactic or malic acids since they will not crystallize out.

To clarify, it was the wood balls that I added back to the wine, not the (presumably) tartrate crystals!

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