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May 14, 2020
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Hi Folks,

I have made a few different Magnotta wines. All are 21L pails of juice, with EC1118 yeast already added.

Have made the Cabernet Sauvignon a few times with 1/2kg of sugar to bump up the Brix and 1/2kg of Elderberries and Zante Currants. Turns out pretty well for a table wine. Not fantastic, but nice. Tried their Sauvignon Blanc, it's wine, but pretty thin, not a lot of thiols, needed added acidity, which made it OK, but don't think I'll but that one again.

Made their Premium Chilean Merlot back in mid-October. Brix was 20, so a little lower than I was hoping. Added 1/2kg of Zante Currants. Fermentation @ 28°C. Added 60g Medium Oak chips for a week after fermentation. Price was $89CAD. Their regular juice is about $55 depending on the varietal.

Tried a glass last night. Very, very nice. Definitely a bit young, and might be a little strong on Oak (might use 45g next time), but a very nice wine. I will be buying again this year. Great result considering it is only 2 months old.

No skins were included. They do a cold-soak on the fruit prior to packaging the juice. Lovely purple colour. Might be even nicer if they provided skins, but honestly it's fine as-is. Not even sure I needed the Zantes.

The 21L pail yielded a full carboy and 1 bottle after fermentation. Good amount and will be just about right for a full carboy when I rack again.

Definitely recommend this premium juice. It's seasonally available. I called in November and they had none left.