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Sep 30, 2009
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Banbury UK
A man went to church and fell to his knees before the altar. 'God, you have to help me.' he prayed. 'I'm up to my neck in debt. Please let me win the lottery.'
A voice spoke from above the altar, 'You're a good man, I'll see to it.'
Next week the same man knelt before the altar. 'Please God, I'm getting deeper in debt. Let me win the lottery.'
A voice from above said, 'I told you last week, I'll see to it.'
A week later, the man knelt before the altar, tears running down his face, 'God, the bailiffs are at the door threatening to take my furniture and car. The bank is going to foreclose on my mortgage. Please God let me win the lottery.'
'Jacob,' a voice boomed from above. 'I've told you twice I WILL help you. Do me a favour will you. For God's sake buy a ticket!'