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Sep 29, 2016
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I bought a 30 Gallon French oak barrel in 2000 made wine with it for 10 years, always keep it full.
5 years ago I relocated I had to put my wine making on hold and equipment in dry cold storage. Before I put it in storage,I drained the barrel, smoked out with a sulfur stick and sealed it with a rubber bung. I opened the bung 3 month ago, gave it a sniff test and did not detect any off odors, I filled it with water to about 3 days to completely seal up and hold water tight, I removed the water filled it with So2 and Citric Acid let that sit for about 3 weeks. I drained it today flushed it out with water looks good smells good, Filled it back with water and its tight no leaks. I was planning on filling up up this weekend 30 gallons of Cab. What Would You All Do???? Looking for Advice

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