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Feb 9, 2010
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One of my favorites..

The night after their wedding, a newlywed couple finally make it up to their honeymoon suite.

Undressing, the new husband takes off his boxer shorts and tosses them over to his new bride.

"Try them on baby." he said.

So, the bride takes his shorts and puts them on. Try as she might, she could not keep the shorts from falling down to her knees. In frustration, she takes them off and throws them at her husband.

"I cant fit in these!" she yells.

With a smug look on his face, the husband yells "That's Right! That is because I am the man and your are the woman. You can't fit in my britches! You Got me girl?!".

"Whoa!" the new bride thought. After a second, the new bride takes off her panties and tosses them over to her new husband.

"Try them on Attila." she said.

With a shrug, the husband took the panties, put one leg through then, with great effort, the other. As he is pulling them (through great effort) up to his waist, he could hear them starting to tear. Eventually. with all of his pulling, the panties tear completely apart.

Out of frustration, the husband balls up the panties and throws them back to his bride.

"I CAN'T GET IN THESE!" he yells.

"That's right" said the bride. "and unless you change your attitude you never will".