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Jul 24, 2017
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I am old school. Thread to me is the quilts I made when my hands were in better shape. Now, my husband who knows lots about grapes (thanks to Purdue) and winemaking (as a hobby), but knows nothing about computers has asked me to find a black currant blend for our grapes. We grow 12 varieties (in our front yard) in addition to blueberries. We have been dabbling in wine making for about 15 years. We also purchase grapes from California that can't be grown in our climate. Because of poor growing conditions last year, most of this years wines are (AWESOME) blends. He was never a "blend" kind of guy. Always varietal. He finally by the grace of God learned there are other options. Our wines this year have been the pride of our labors. BLENDS (my favorite) have finally hit the map. With access to other grapes as well as our own (Indiana), there has to be a blend with currants that someone has found enjoyable. Any thoughts?

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