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Nov 20, 2018
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I've been making wine from fruit juice concentrates and fruit juice for almost a year now. I've never had to use any type of strainer bags. Recently I decided to make a jalapeno wine (random, I know) and this is the first time I've used jalapenos and raisins. I only used 8 jalapenos chopped and 15 ounces of golden raisins. I added this to a wide mouth jar (1 gallon) and added 2 lbs of sugar. After K-Meta and PE, I pitched Lavlin D47 yeast. I've got activity but not like I feel I should after plus 24 hours of pitching yeast.

I decided to toss the strainer bag after 3 days because it takes up too much room and the actual volume of liquid is not 1 gallon. After removing and squeezing the bag, I've added 24 ounces of distilled water (to fill to a gallon) and another packet of yeast.

This sound ok? Did I miss something or should have approached this differently? I know that my initial SG will be off, as it was crazy. Thanks.

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