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Arctic Contributor
Oct 26, 2008
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Wade. Smurfe, and the moderators are driving the boat, but WE are the crew. If you don't express your concerns, suggestions, or insight on how you would like it to be ran, then they will never know you cared either way. We have a great administrative body in here, rarely found on these forums. let them know what you think, take place in the polls etc. They can only form this site the way we would like if you tell them what you want. Please don't be shy. I hope I am not out of line to have posted this thread, but everyones input counts. :)

Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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I agree, I would like comments. We do need to make this sight desirable for newcomers as hits on this site is what gets advertisers to pay for this service to stay open. I know some people would like to keep this very small but as the admin for a very small wine making site let me tell you it gets boring fast. Im not really trying to make this the biggest wine making site out there but we do have to make this profitable for the main man who owns this site cause if it comes out of his pocket guess what will happen! I have made a lot of changes and will probably make some more over time but all this is to make searching for what has been posted easier and for newbies to have a better chance of putting a question or post in the right area so we might have a clue as to what they are talking about before someone beats them up about what wine they are talking about and the specs about it.


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Nov 6, 2006
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Artic, Thanks for your post. NO, I don't feel you were out of line. Without your (members) thoughts we have no idea what you need. I don't pretend I know everything. No one does. But, with the variety of Adm and Mods PLUS all of you I am sure we can come up with an answer.Speaking from experience. I am what I am thru my wine group and all the wine forums.
Don't be afraid to ask a question.
Any doubt on what I make look up Vince's note.
Wade I would love to have you here Admiral had this quote about my "house"

“This not a House

It is a Winery

Masquerading as a

House !”