I accidentally got my wine must too warm

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Magickal Cat Wines
May 22, 2014
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Deer Park, WA
Okay, did I just completely screw up my wine? I started a batch of Dragon Blood wine, pitching the yeast yesterday. The room I'm fermenting in is really chilly and my brew belt was on another batch so I sat a small space heater by my container. Meanwhile, my hubby shot a deer and I had to go help him. By the time I remembered to check the heater a couple hours later, my must was WARM...about 94°. I immediately turned off the heater and stirred the must well but I'm wondering if I completely ruined the batch. The yeast I used calls for reconstituting at 95°-98° but I'm sure it wasn't meant for the whole must to be that warm. So, what do you all think?