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Walker's in NYS has hot packed fresh juice still available.

I brew beer all grain and wine kits really aren't that appealing to me. Any reason I cant make a good Reisling fom these juices? Their How To page is pretty basic. I have a book with much more detail than that I'd like to follow including TA adjustments,lower ferm temps and different yeasts.

Any thoughts?


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Jun 20, 2005
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I have a fellow winemaker buddy who buys his raspberry juice from them and is very satisfied with this company. I can vouch for the wine, at least for raspberry as it was the best raspberry wine I have yet to taste. Even better than wines made from fresh berries. Of course Bill is an expert home winemaker, but one thing about being an expert is knowing where to get you supplies to make that perfect product. I believe he buys Cabernet Sauvignon juice from them as well.

Smurfe :)