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Mar 18, 2012
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DC Suburbs
Life has been busy lately. And when it wasn't, we've been catching up a bit or fighting colds. My company is 'strongly encouraging' those of us who aren't billable to take some time off over the holidays. So, I'm going to be off from Christmas through New Year's. I'm backlogged on a few winery chores, so I'm happy to take the time. Aside from seeing Rogue One, the only other plans I have are winery related. I have 3 gallons of 2015 Petite Sirah and 3 gallons of 2015 'Mutt' (aka 'Blend #3') that will get bottled. The Mutt is a blend of the leftover "Cab, Syrah, a little Petite Sirah, plus some of the 2014 Zin to top off the carboy. I also need to rack wine out/back into into all three barrels. The Chilean Cab and Syrah will be replaced with the Carmenere and Merlot. My kit barrel currently has a Winery Series Amarone that will be replaced with the LR 3 Country Cab. I also plan to do more SO2 testing. Aaaaand, there will probably be some tasting in there too. :dg

Anyone else taking care of winery business during the holidays?


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Aug 17, 2014
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I'm headed to the Big City for Christmas next weekend but I plan to start a 6 gallon batch of "fruit salad" DB with a Riesling base, a batch of triple berry DB and also a 3 gallon batch of elderberry wine over the New Year's weekend. I might also start a couple of gallons of limoncello if I have any energy left. :) With all of those in progress all my primaries will be busy. :h