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May 8, 2008
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I started learning about wine making from a coworker, in September 2007. That was when I started my first 3 gal batch of concord wine from grapes growing on my parent's farm (which I'll be bottling soon).

This spring I did my first wine kit of Vintners Gewürztraminer which turned out fine even since I beefed the alcohol up on to 12.5%.

A month and a half ago I started a 2.5 gallon batch of fresh strawberry wine, which is in it's 2nd rack now. I was pushing for 11% alcohol, but the yeast kept going and going, so my calculations show I should be roughly at 13.5%, and it tastes like 15%.

And finally, a couple of weeks ago I started a batch of pyment mead (grape concentrate and mead). Fermentation is almost done on this one.

On the agenda: peach, raspberry, and sweet mead.

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