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Nov 8, 2008
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Hi! I'm a student at Central Michigan University right now looking to graduate soon. I've never brewed wine before, I've never brewed anything now that I think about it, but I would like to get started soon. Mostly because my dad has done it and I've always had an interest in the process. Though my dad has brewed before it has only been a few times and only once a year during his harvest season. He is a grape farmer who is part of the Welches co-op so most of the grapes at his disposal are juice grapes, concord and niagara. Any how I'm hoping to try and brew at least a couple gallons before I try to make a 5gallon carboy of wine next year during the harvest.

I figured before I buy all the stuff and make a big bottle of something that tastes like shoe polish after all my efforts I should do a little reading and research a little more.