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Nov 28, 2021
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I am new to winemaking so I though I would start with a Kit from RJS. It has been almost 25 days since I started it and the SG is still at0.999. The directions say to not go any further until it is at 1.000. Should I keep waiting or is there something else I can do to move it along?
Nov 5, 2006
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Raleigh, NC, USA
Adding to Paul's statement, unless you add sugar (in any form), the fermentation changes from high to low as the yeast eats and sugar and emits CO2 and alcohol. It will not increase.

The target range for the first racking is 1.000 to 1.010, but if the SG is below 1.000 it means you're past the target SG and should rack.

The SG, as used in winemaking, is a measure of the specific gravity vs. water (water SG is 1.000). A higher initial SG means you're starting with more sugar, and have a high potential Alcohol By Volume (ABV). As the yeast eats sugar and emits alcohol, the SG decreases, as sugar is heavier than water while alcohol is lighter.

I haven't seen the RJS instructions recently. However, I posted a copy of Winexpert Instructions -- you might read those and see if it explains things better. Both RJS and WE are reputable companies and their instructions are generally pretty good, but you might find one more comprehensible than the other. They are equivalent.