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Oct 4, 2007
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After taking my first wine tasting trip to Traverse City two weeks ago, I became very interested in starting my own vineyard and wine tasting business. I own approx 2 acres of north-to-south sloping farm field that has not been farmed for about 10-years. I have about 3 more years before I retire, and it looks like that's when I could expect my first harvest of grapes.

I have talked to a person who opened up a small wine tasting in our city, and he says his problem is that he can't buy enough grapes - he would purchase all I could grow. Also, his biggest problem starting out several years ago is that he didn't go big enough - can't keep his wine in stock.

As I have found out, there is a ton of information on the internet about getting into the vineyard business; so far, I have not seen anything that says I'm crazy to do it.

This looks like a great site - hope to hear some replies of encouragement, (or tell me if I'm crazy for thinking about this)