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Jan 30, 2016
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I live in the UK and have found it impossible to source certain yeasts, oak products and Eclipse wine kits, until now.

I came across this Swedish Homebrewshop and managed to get hold of:

BM 4x4 yeast
Oak spirals
1/2" bottle filler
Eclipse Barossa Valley Australian Shiraz (the also stock the Pinot Noir which you also can't get in the UK).

The Eclipse kits are £108 (vs £125 in UK). With postage the kit was £138 and I also got all the other goodies that I can't source in the UK. It all arrived in 5 days.

The shop is Humlegardens Ekolager http://shop.humle.se/en/

(I'm assuming this isn't a competitor of the Sponsors due to it's location outside North America, but I apologise in advance if it breaks the forum rules...)