Has anyone heard of ancor yeasts??

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Mar 21, 2007
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I found this site recently that explained all the different strands that ancor yeast carries. Me, being a new wine maker, decided to try a couple of the strains in my own indevors. So, I asked for a sample, which I received a couple weeks later.. They sent me 2 -250gram samples! The only catch is that I will now need to try their yeasts, and then send them 2 questionares - on how well the yeast worked, and what the results were like. This is all good and I am quite excited to use the yeast, however, I don't understand some of the terms on the questionare, and I don't have all of the fancy equipment to measure all the things they want me to write about.... I will post some of the questions tomarrow... I need help with this one..!.. I also just wanted all of you to know that if you are experienced wine makers, you can get these samples for free..


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