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Apr 10, 2019
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After trying SP for the first time I was hooked on the ease and taste for a great refreshing summer drink.
The below recipe was something we have started and it shows potential.1618174763548.png
It has the the taste of a good iced tea mixed with the goodness of SP.

by no means am I an expert so don’t hold me to anything.

Here is my recipe To start.

23 Litres spring water
2 kg sugar iced tea mix
1/2 Tbs tannin
2 Tbs yeast nutrient
1 Tbs yeast energizer
1 Liter bottle Lemon juice
4 cups white sugar
1 box orange pekoe tea
1 Tbs Bentonite

I brought the sugar content up to 1.10 to start the must.

I used 1-118 yeast with a cup of brown sugar and water.
Once the yeast was active I added it to the mixture while stirring vigorously.
When calm I added a second packet of yeast and the tea bags and covered with a dry tea towel.

The must took roughly two days to get going well with the temperature at 26 degrees.
After 5 days I added 500 mls of lemon juice 1 Tbs yeast nutrient, 1 Tbs yeast energizer, and 1 cup of sugar and cooked for another 5 days before finishing.
Once done I added Potassium Metabisulfite and stabilizer then Clarified with Sparkalloid.
To back sweeten to my taste I used 1kg of the iced tea mix and 2 cups of sugar made into a simple sugar mixture with the remaining 500 mls of lemon juice And 1 litre of everclear if your taste dictates.

At this stage the taste is very good and I am waiting for the mixture to clear. In total I think I have less than 20 dollars into this creation which may turn into something worth looking forward to this summer besides my COVID vaccinaction.
I will let you know how it turns out. Good Luck. S

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